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Product overview

CipherGateway crypto card is a high-speed HSM with PCI Express as the Bus Interface. It supports cryptographic operations such as symmetric operations, hash operations, asymmetric operations, and true random number generation, and provides key management and storage function.
CipherGateway crypto card provides users with a variety of algorithm performance levels to choose from, supports multi-task parallel processing and isolation of resources, supports the calling of security applications in user mode and kernel mode, providing core cryptographic operation guarantee for kinds of information security systems.

Product features

High Performance Each crypto card of CipherGateway pursues the ultimate performance based on its own hardware, provide the most cost-effective solution among products of the same hardware level or at the same cost level
Multi-task Parallel The crypto card supports security applications to enable multiple calling tasks on one crypto card at the same time. Users can open multiple sessions at the same time, and each session performs its own task without interfering with each other.
Session Resource Isolation The crypto card supports the opening of multiple sessions at the same time, realizes the isolation of session resources, prevents the cross-use of session resources (such as session keys), protects the security of the session itself, and is suitable for virtualization and cloud application environments.
VPN Combination Calculation For the cryptographic computing application scenarios of VPN devices, the crypto card provides a one-time processing interface for VPN combined operations of "symmetrical computing + HMAC computing", which reduces the number of communications between upper-layer applications and crypto cards, and greatly improves the overall service performance of the VPN.
Resource ConfigurableThe total resources of each crypto card are limited, but according to the needs of the application scenario, resources can be dynamically configured between the "number of sessions" and " resources in a session".
Provide Multiple Identification Recognition Patterns Users can choose different authentication patterns:
Password — suitable for environments where USBKey is not available
USBKey — suitable for occasions where password input is not available
Password + USBKey — Two-factor authentication, suitable for occasions where higher security is requiremented.

Product functions

Collect Physical Random Numbers The built-in dual-channel physical noise source chip approved by the National Cryptography Administration is used to generate true random number sequence.
Symmetric Operationprovide SM1 and SM4 block cipher algorithms, ECB/CBC mode of encryption/decryption is also supported.
Hash Operationprovide SM3 cryptographic hash algorithm which can be used to implement HASH operation on data.
MAC Operationthe provided SM1 and SM4 block cipher algorithms can be used to implement MAC operation on data.
HMAC Operation the provided SM3 cryptographic hash algorithm which can be used to implement HMAC operation on data.
Asymmetric Operation support SM2 elliptic curve public key cryptographic algorithm which can be used for data encryption/decryption and signature/verification.
Key Managementsupport the key structure system that meets the security requirements of the State Cryptography Administration.
User Identity Authentication provide role-based user identity authentication which can be available through the pattern of password/USBKey/password+USBKey to implement user authority control.
International Algorithms support AES, SHA512, RSA-2048, RSA-4096 and other international algorithms, which can be customized by users.
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