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ProductsEffective data protection based on cryptographic technology
CipherSuite SDK Sensitive Data Discovery Platform Cryptographic Server HSM/ PCI-E HSM Application Data Encryption Platform Data Leakage Prevention Key Management System Cryptography Security Assessment Toolbox
Technical AdvantagesSolve the dilemma between data sharing and confidentiality

  • Agile Deployment Without Re-developing And Transforming Existing Applications There is no need to re-develop the application, nor need to adapt the databases. Through the agile deployment by modifying the configuration in the application, the sensitive data can be stored in the form of ciphertext in the database, protecting users' important data from leakage.

  • Integrate Data Usage Scenarios Into Fine-grained Encryption ProtectionProvide security protection capabilities that control "subject to app users, object to field level". Combine users’ identity in the application and field or document-level data to minimize authorization for the access to sensitive data for internal personnel.

  • Integrate Cryptography With Access Control And Audit Trail Combine data encryption with access control, auditing and other technologies, apply access control strategies at encryption and decryption anchors, create an anti-bypass data protection mechanism, support traceable and tamper-proof behavior audits, and ensure that the subject of each log is traced back to the person.

  • Excellent Cryptography Engineering Ability Support SM algorithms and international algorithms at the same time, support FPE of fields such as mobile phone number, certificate number, and email address. The speed of SM4 encryption and decryption on a single CPU exceeds 130Gbps, and it only takes 20 seconds to encrypt 1 billion mobile phone numbers with a single CPU, which has no impact on the user experience.

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